White Sox: This is how Pedro Grifol should set the lineup on Opening Day

Chicago White Sox v Arizona Diamondbacks
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The 2023 MLB regular season is inching closer and closer. The Chicago White Sox will kick off their season against the reigning World Series champions Houston Astros on Thursday.

It will be an exciting series, mainly because the White Sox will face the hometown hero from the last decade, Jose Abreu, who received a significantly large contract leading to his departure from the south side.

Pedro Grifol and his staff have high expectations for his team and Spring Training gave them their "good vibes" back. Grifol has also added a new way of playing competitive baseball, hopefully leading to success throughout the season.

When collectively healthy, the White Sox can have a dangerous starting lineup offensively and defensively. The core group of guys on the ball club must stay on the field for most of the season. If not, the south side could be getting a repeat of what happened in 2022.

This is how Pedro Grifol should set his starting lineup on Opening Day:

The top three in the Chicago White Sox batting order need to show up.

1. Tim Anderson

The Chicago White Sox plays through Tim Anderson and that is expected to be the same in 2023. When Anderson is on, the entire team is on.

Tim Anderson only played 79 games last season and it felt like his injury set the White Sox up for failure. If he plays over 140 games or so regularly, the White Sox will have a consistent bat at the top of the lineup card.

2. Luis Robert

Like many, Luis Robert Jr. has been caught up in the injury bug for most of his MLB career. This is a big year for him and if he can play a full-length season healthy, he is a guy who can put up MVP-caliber numbers.

Pedro Grifol is as high on him as the organization is, and Robert Jr. is ready to have a career year in Chicago. Tim Anderson and Luis Robert Jr., when both are right, can give the White Sox a bunch of runs early on in games which could be a huge factor in their success in 2023.

3. Andrew Benintendi

Fresh off signing his five-year 75 million dollar deal with the White Sox, Andrew Benintendi should give the White Sox a consistent bat, along with efficient outfield play, in 2023.

Benintendi was a 3.2 WAR player with the Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees last year and had a .304 batting average. This was a must-needed signing for the White Sox and he should immediately make an impact in Houston.