White Sox trade Lance Lynn to Rays in one of these 3 insane trade packages

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
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Trade Two

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The Chicago White Sox could try to bring back some pitching this year.

The Chicago White Sox are a team looking to bring something back for their tradeable assets. One of those is Lance Lynn who is clearly getting some interest from contenders.

He wants to pitch in the playoffs and he would certainly get that chance with the Rays. As mentioned before, if there were a team that could get the most out of a guy like this, it is the Tampa Bay Rays.

Sandy Gaston is the number 21 prospect in the Tampa Bay Rays system and JJ Goss is the number 26 guy. Both of them are right-handed pitchers that could come to the White Sox organization and develop.

With all of the trades that the White Sox make, if they can hit on just a couple of these lower-end prospects, they could get back on track with their organization. Obviously, pitching is very important and they can add some pitchers for Lynn.