White Sox trade Lance Lynn to Rays in one of these 3 insane trade packages

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Trade Three

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A White Sox trade with the Rays could involve more than just Lance Lynn.

The Chicago White Sox are looking to trade a lot more than Lance Lynn right now. There are a whole lot of players that could be moved at one point or another before the August 1st deadline.

A few can be included in this deal with Lynn too. The Tampa Bay Rays can add to their bullpen by taking Aaron Bummer and Joe Kelly in the deal with Lynn. All three of these pitchers would find immediate success and resurgence with a team like the Rays.

That could help the White Sox get a better return as well. Cole Wilcox is the number seven prospect in Tampa Bay's organization. He is 24 years old and pitching in AA right now. The White Sox would love to see if they could turn him into a big-league pitcher.

Trevor Martin is the number 30 prospect in Tampa Bay's system. Throwing him in the trade could end up working out for the White Sox but it isn't guaranteed. Again, adding pitching is never a bad idea.

Trading Lance Lynn to the Rays may happen but nothing is guaranteed at this deadline. Expect the unexpected.

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