White Sox Trade Rumors: 4 players to try and move right now

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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Yasmani Grandal

Yasmani Grandal is a catcher that may be on the move this season.

Grandal has had his ups and downs during his tenure as a White Sox and with a mediocre 2023 season so far, the White Sox should consider flipping him for a prospect or two.

It feels like year after year, Grandal's health progressively gets worse and worse. He is getting close to his retirement days and with the way the White Sox are currently structured, he doesn't fit in the lineup card how most would want him to.

Grandal is a split-time catcher that needs to DH occasionally, which has been no good for the club.

Grandal is much better off with a team with another efficient catcher, so when he needs his days off, he gets them without letting his team down.

The White Sox may have to pass the torch to Zavala and Perez for the rest of the 2023 season.

The Yankees and Twins are both in need of security at the catching position. With both teams still in contention, look for reports on those two organizations to possibly make a move for Grandal.

It shouldn't take a lot for the White Sox to flip the veteran catcher but it is the White Sox organization, so who knows at this time what the asking price is?