White Sox: What 3 trade packages would look like for Juan Soto

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To White Sox: Juan Soto

To Padres: Dylan Cease, Noah Schultz, Sean Burke, Lance Lynn, Zach Remillard

The Chicago White Sox making a trade like this would send shockwaves.

The future of Dylan Cease is very cloudy. Nobody knows if he will want to stay with the Chicago White Sox or if he will want to move on.

Every decision he could make would make sense from a player's point of view. He has the potential to be an elite player on a good team so the White Sox have to convince him that it will happen.

If they can't do that, they should trade him. Getting Juan Soto in the lineup would be a fun way to do that. They'd have to send Noah Schultz, Sean Burke, and Zach Remillard in this deal to make it happen. Lance Lynn is a salary dump in a trade like this.

If the White Sox were unable to get Soto signed long-term, which they absolutely wouldn't if they were able to pull off a crazy deal like this (which is equally as unlikely), they could go to arbitration with him for 2024 before he becomes a free agent in 2025.

If his services aren't able to help the White Sox rebuild, they could just flip him again and restock the farm system which is what they actually need.