The White Sox would be smart to trade Dylan Cease

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game One
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The Chicago White Sox were a terrible team in 2023. Now, Chris Getz is ready for his first off-season as the GM of the team and he seems to have a plan. They need to make some big changes if they are going to be good in 2024.

It might not be realistic to think about them being good but bettering the future is what the actual plan seems to be. It should be fun to see what moves Getz makes to try and make his new team better.

One player that could be moved for a haul is Dylan Cease. There were rumors that he was going to be traded last year but it never came to light. They probably should have gotten a deal done then but now all they can do is make up for it.

Cease was a dominant starter in 2022. He came in second place for the American League Cy Young Award and it looked like he was set to be an elite starter for a long time.

The Chicago White Sox should consider moving Dylan Cease this off-season.

Unfortunately, 2023 wasn't the same for the ace of the staff. He was great at times but he never was able to get in the same groove that he was in the year prior. His numbers by the end of the year were just not good based on his standards.

If he goes to a new team following a down year, you can expect a bounce back in a big way. We know he has incredible stuff but he needs to be on a better team to get the most out of it. The White Sox ended up being 61-101, it is hard to pitch for a team like that.

You don't want to see a guy like Cease on a bad White Sox team again in 2024. If that were to happen, it would just be bad asset management by Chris Getz and his staff. This is something that needs to get done and fast.

It would be nice to see Cease have a good defense behind him so he could pound the strike zone more often. There are plenty of teams that could offer Cease an opportunity like that.

If he were moved, there are plenty of good packages that the White Sox could get in return. If it isn't proper, they shouldn't move him just to move him. However, if it is a good return, the White Sox should absolutely get the deal done.

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