Would Jerry Reinsdorf selling the Chicago White Sox fix the team's problems?

The idea is valid, but it could be a be careful what you wish for.
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What will really save the Chicago White Sox?

Six people in this organization will have to acquire the prospects and put in place a plan to develop them to get the franchise back to being competitive. Like it or not, it starts with general manager Chris Getz.

This team he put together is a train wreck, but Reinsdorf will unlikely fire him after a season. Although, he did remove Hawk Harrellson after 1985 so there is precedence. Since Jerry did not interview any external candidates before promoting Getz to the job last summer, let's assume he is safe.

Assistant general managers Josh Barfield and Jin Wong must construct better big-league rosters in the future. Consdering the White Sox have just two guaranteed contracts officially on the books for next season, there is money to play with to get some upgrades on the roster.

Amateur scouting director Mike Shirley has to hit on at least four or five starters in this year's draft. The Sox have the No. 5 overall pick, and since they will not pick in the top nine in next year's draft, this pick has to be a franchise-altering player.

Then it is up to pitching advisor Brian Bannister and player development director Paul Janish to get these kids through the system and become productive players. If those six achieve this, then it does not matter who the owner is.