Would Jerry Reinsdorf selling the Chicago White Sox fix the team's problems?

The idea is valid, but it could be a be careful what you wish for.
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Remember, all Jerry can do is set the budget.

It would be nice if he stopped putting a self-imposed salary cap. That is how you get Josh Harrison in 2022 at second base instead of a free agent who could move the needle toward making the playoffs again.

It comes down to Getz and his lieutenants identifying better players than Paul DeJong and Nicky Lopez in free agency next offseason. It is also putting together a roster that actually hits home runs since they play 81 home games at homer-friendly ballpark.

The focus this offseason was upgrading the defense and the clubhouse culture. The clubhouse culture is better but the defense is still a mess. The better idea is focus on hitters who put the ball in the air, understand the strike zone to get on-base when it is not their favor, and can run the bases well.

Ideally, prospects Bryan Ramos, Colson Montgomery, and Jacob Gonzalez will do that next season and play defense well. Maybe Oscar Colas' second run with the club will finally solve the problem in the right field. That still does not mean free agency should be ignored nor should the philosophy of adding power in the offseason. Then keep developing the young pitching and maybe this team will have something.

The biggest area you would love to see Chris Getz exploit is Jerry's faith in his GM to start paying that going rate of over $100 million for premium talent or on the flip side, keep expanding the analytics and the scouting. Heck, maybe make sure the pitching lab is up-to-date like most clubs have.

Maybe someone should try to speak the business language to Jerry and convince him there is a return on the investment in those areas because it means cheaper players who are usually young and in their prime performance years.

Ideally, Getz and Shirley start drafting up the middle Rounds 1-10, preferably hitting in the first three rounds. Just look at the Milwaukee Brewers, Baltimore Orioles, and Tampa Bay Rays and how they have become successful.

Getz, Janish, and Bannister must establish a culture in the minors where everyone plays the same style of baseball from rookie ball through the majors. It is what Theo Epstein did with the Cubs.

Maybe giving Theo an ownership stake would be a better idea, but that is just wishful thinking. Just like it is wishful thinking to think Jerry will sell the team while he is still above ground.