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Chicago White Sox Offer Arbitration To Paul Konerko and J.J. Putz

By Editorial Staff

The Chicago White Sox have offered arbitration to free agents Paul Konerko and J.J. Putz.

As I stated in a post yesterday, I expected both Paul Konerko and J.J. Putz to be given arbitration so this doesn’t come as a surprise to me, nor should it be to anyone else. On the other hand, I was expecting the White Sox to give arbitration to A.J. Pierzynski as well. This didn’t happen, and it could be seen as a sign that they expect to get Pierzynski back for next year, or that is just wasn’t a huge deal and they don’t need anything in return if he ends up elsewhere.

So now if Putz and/or Konerko end up signing with other teams, the White Sox will be compensated with draft picks.