Aaron Rowand signs with Marlins


The Miami Marlins are becoming a truck stop for White Sox teammates. First it was manager Ozzie Guillen, then it was Mark Buehrle, and now it’s once-good-but-recently-not-so-good “outfielder” Aaron Rowand. Who’s next? Carl Everett?

Aaron Rowand has spent the last couple of years taking up a roster spot on the San Francisco Giants. Before that Rowand was crashing into fences for fun as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies. Before that he was a member of the World Series champion Chicago White Sox.

Not much to tell you about what you’re getting, Marlins fans. Rowand has a stupid batting stance lately – he wags the bat around in front of his crotch until the pitcher comes set. Then he wiggles around a bit more and strikes out looking. In the field he’s still pretty good I guess, I don’t know, I never paid much attention to him after he left Philadelphia. From what I’ve read from Giants fans on Twitter his leaving was kind of a “meh” thing, and from what I’ve read from Marlins fans on Twitter his existence is kind of a “meh” thing.

I’m sure Willie Harris and Joe Borchard are itching to become a part of the powerhouse that is the Marlins.


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