Quick Transactions Update


Here’s a list of some of the minor moves the White Sox have made in the past week or so.


(courtesy of ESPN)

I suspect that sending down Jordan Danks is in order to call up a pitcher.  The White Sox bullpen has been worked rather hard recently, and the next week consists of seven straight games without a day off.  However, after his walk off home run against Oakland, it’s a bit of an odd way of showing your gratitude. Further, I’m unsure as to why the White Sox have brought back Dewayne Wise in his stead.  It would appear to me that Danks provides much of the same things that Wise would — defense at all three outfield positions, a left-handed bench bat, and some speed on the basepaths. But Danks has the advantage of age, and the potential for improvement. Danks should be tested extensively at the major league level to see if he’s anything more than a glove.  We already know what Wise is, and I’m not sure it’s any better than what Danks has been doing already.

Additionally, with Konerko on the 7-day DL for a mild concussion and the team needing some offense, one would imagine that either Dan Johnson or Conor Jackson would be better bets to produce than Mr. Wise.

While I know that some White Sox fans had high hopes for Tyler Kuhn, I was extremely skeptical, and he was about to be passed by several internal options anyway.