Brent Morel is risen – Lineups & Preview 6/26


Conor Gillaspie and Mrs. Gillaspie are having themselves a little Gillaspie.

That adorable development means Conor–heretofore known as “Papa Gilla”–is headed to a brief stint of paternity leave, which can last one to three days. During that time, Brent Morel is up from Charlotte. Being the 25th guy for one or two games doesn’t seems like the biggest realization of his struggle to work his way back, but since Paul Konerko back injury is–surprise–lingering for another day, that means he has one start in hand.

One start against slow-balling right-handed trickster Shaun Marcum may not be the greatest chance for Morel to burst on the scene, clock three home runs and stay forever, but there’s a chance…and there’s also probably a few chances later in the year when the roster is gutted to hell.

White Sox Lineup

1. Alejandro De Aza – CF
2. Alexei Ramirez – SS
3. Alex Rios – RF
4. Adam Dunn – 1B
5. Dayan Viciedo – LF
6. Brent Morel – 3B
7. Jeff Keppinger – DH
8. Gordon Beckham – 2B
9. Tyler Flowers – C

John Danks, SP

Danks needs to stop giving up home runs. He’s awful almost solely because he’s given up 10 dingers in 45 innings. It’s probably because he’s been forced into overusing his changeup in light of his fastball decline

Gonna need to come up with a workaround, Johnny! 

New York Mets lineup

1. Eric Young – LF
2. Daniel Murphy – 2B
3. David Wright – 3B
4. Marlon Byrd – RF
5. Josh Satin – 1B
6. John Buck – C
7. Andrew Brown – DH
8. Juan Lagares – CF
9. Omar Quintanilla – SS

Shaun Marcum, SP

Where to Watch: CSN, 7:10 pm