Andre Rienzo is about to make his fifth start, and h..."/> Andre Rienzo is about to make his fifth start, and h..."/>

May As Well Keep Winning? – Game Preview And Lineups 8/21


You know, Andre Rienzo is about to make his fifth start, and he’s yet to record a decision. Since everybody knows that it’s all about the winzzzz this means that Rienzo basically ceases to exist! Well you’re in luck, Mr. Rienzo. Melhor ter sorte do que bom, as they might say in Brazil. I don’t know for sure, I’ve never been there, but I’ll bet you it sounds pretty damn cool. The White Sox offense exists! They’ve won four straight, there are articles about Alexei Ramirez thriving offensively, national coverage about the Big Donkey defeating the shift, hell, Dayan Viciedo walked last night. Walked! The Sox only scored 2 runs in their victory last night, the first time they’ve scored that few in over a week. It’s been two weeks since they’ve been shut out. It’s almost like watching a different team entirely.

Rienzo’s fifth start is also his fifth against AL Central opponents. Introducing him to the neighbors before sending him out on full errands to be seen by the entire community. Nobody wants a scandal. He’s only failed to produce a quality start once, his first exposure to the Twins in which he let 4 runs score in 5 and a third innings. He followed it up immediately in his next start, allowing just 1 earned in 6 innings.

The Royals send Jeremy Guthrie to pull them out of their skid. Guthrie pitched a complete game shutout against the Twins on August 5th but in his two starts since then he’s given up a total of 9 runs. I know there is a feeling that he’s got the White Sox number, but that reputation is built on a couple of very good starts and isn’t really indicative of his performance against the team long term. Not to mention the rotation of personnel, etc. etc.

Today’s Lineup:

1.De Aza – LF
2.Beckham – 2B
3.Ramirez – SS
4.Dunn – DH
5.Konerko – 1B
6.Garcia – RF
7.Gillaspie – 3B
8.Viciedo – LF
9.Phegley – C

Kansas City Royals Lineup:

1.Chris Getz – 2B
2.Eric Hosmer – 1B
3.Billy Butler – DH
4.Alex Gordon – LF
5.Salvador Perez – C
6.Mike Moustakas – 3B
7.David Lough – RF
8.Alcides Escobar – SS
9.Jarrod Dyson – CF

Where to Watch
Today’s game will be broadcast on Comcast Sports Net and Fox Sports KC. 7:10 Central start time.