Chicago White Sox Morning BP: Will John Danks be traded?


Jul 8, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Chicago White Sox starting pitcher John Danks (50) pitches during the first inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox have been known to make deals near or one the day of the non-waiver trade deadline. The question for the next couple days will be if they are able to trade John Danks and his contract that has around $30 million remaining to be paid?

That will probably be the biggest hurdle for the White Sox, if they want to trade Danks within the next couple days.

In an article by the Chicago Sun-Times they quoted an MLB source as saying:

"“I think they’ll have a hard time moving him,’’ a major-league source said. “Anybody who throws 200 innings in the big leagues is worth his weight in gold. But I don’t think his weight is worth $30 million worth of gold.”"

My thought is if any team can afford to take on the rest of Danks’ contract, and in the same breath, are desperate for left-handed pitching it will be the Yankees.

If the White Sox are smart they will take whatever the Yankees offer (within reason) and go with it because they can use the money saved on Danks to help build a solid bullpen for next season.

Danks is 9-6 overall with a 4.40 ERA in 21 starts in ’14. He has 92 strikeouts thus far this season.

This season, the White Sox could still possibly gain the second Wild Card spot in the AL, but they are 5.5 games behind the Toronto Blue Jays, plus five other teams are also in front of them in that race.

Overall, the White Sox hold a 52-55 mark, and they trail the Detroit Tigers by 7.0 games in the AL Central. Both paths to the postseason will be tough for the White Sox to overcome.

So yes, the White Sox do have a chance to make up those games, but it is highly doubtful they do, especially with the inconsistent bullpen we’ve watched all season long, ans that is the reason why I think a trade or two is one the way.

What are your thoughts on the White Sox possibly trading Danks or others on the roster within the next couple days? Will any trades happen? Should a trade happen?

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