Will 2 AL Central teams make the Postseason?


Sep 10, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Kansas City Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar (2) steals second as Detroit Tigers shortstop Andrew Romine (27) can

Will two teams from the AL Central make it to the AL Postseason in 2014?

As of right now, that would be the case, just as it was last season. As of right now (before games on Friday), the Detroit Tigers lead the Kansas City Royals by a half game in the AL Central standings.

However, the Royals have the lead in the AL Wild Card, and not just the second wildcard. They have taken the lead in the first wildcard, moving one half game ahead of the Oakland Athletics.

Keep in mind, though, the Seattle Mariners are just one game back of the A’s for the second wildcard. Here are the standings for both the AL Central and the Wild Card (before the games on Friday, Sept. 19).

AL Central
Detroit: 84-68
Kansas City: 83-68 -0.5 GB

AL Wild Card
Kansas City: 83-68 + 0.5
Oakland: 83-69
Seattle: 82-70 -1 GB

Here is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to the Royals. They have to make up the bottom of the 10th inning in Cleveland of a game they trail 4-2. If they don’t come back and win, they will lose that half game on the other contenders.

• Schedules
Who has the toughest schedule of all of these teams?

That is hard to say, just because all the teams play some difficult competition and see some lesser teams as well.

Seattle has an easy series this weekend at Houston; however, they to travel to Canada to play the Toronto Blue Jays four games next week.

After that, they finish the regular season with three at home against the Los Angeles Angels. Oakland’s schedule isn’t too difficult, but they do have to face the Angels for three in the Bay Area. Otherwise, it is just the Philadelphia Phillies at home for three and the Texas Rangers on the road for four to finish the season.

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The Royals and the Tigers schedule don’t look too difficult, considering the fact that after they play each other this weekend in Kansas City the final week of the season.

For the Royals, they go to Cleveland for four (makeup included) and then to Chicago for four to face the Chicago White Sox. The Tigers will finish with three against the White Sox and four against the Minnesota Twins, all at Comerica.

The wildcard race is exciting as always, and the AL Central could be decided this weekend. Could we have a game 162 for the wildcard?

Who knows, but the wildcard is always one of the most exciting races to watch come the end of the season, and this year will most likely be no different.