Chicago White Sox Holiday Gift Guide

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Field Dirt from Home Plate from Paul Konerko’s Last Game
White Sox Charities
Retail Price: $20.00 ($3.95 s&h)

Yes, this is a strange product or gift, but here is something to get the White Sox fan that has everything of the White Sox, right? How many folks have a jar of dirt for the final game of Paul Konerko’s career?

I think it is a neat idea, and you are supporting a good cause in the process with this. They are selling these at $20 until Dec. 31, but this would be a fun gift to get someone, and if nothing else, the packaging of the dirt is at least a good talking point for conversation.

Plus, it is a small way to have a keepsake of the Captain’s final game with the White Sox, so there is that as well.

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Here is how the product is described:

"“Purchase a jar of field dirt from home plate from Paul Konerko’s final game with the White Sox on September 28th, 2014. The picture is a representation of the field dirt jar. The buyer may not receive this exact jar. Each jar is authenticated by MLB.”"

They also give information about the White Sox Charities:

"“Established in 1990, Chicago White Sox Charities (CWSC) provides annual financial, in-kind and emotional support to hundreds of Chicago-based organizations, including those leading the fight against cancer or dedicated to improving the lives of Chicago’s youth through education, providing health and wellness initiatives, and those offering services to children and families in crisis.”"