Chicago White Sox Holiday Gift Guide

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2005 World Series Champion Merchandise
Varying prices

There are many items you can purchase a fan of the White Sox when it comes to the 2005 World Champion team. There are way too many items to list here, so there are a wide variety of ways you can go with this White Sox topic.

On eBay, there are 668 items that are listed when you type in “2005 World Series baseball.”

When “2005 World Series White Sox” is searched for, there are 677 listings.

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I’m a big fan of the cap the White Sox received when they were the World Series champions. I still have the hat I purchased over a decade ago, so it is a worthwhile item to purchase.

Also with this topic of White Sox history, there is the ability to go back in time when the White Sox were the best team in baseball for a season, including the DVD Box Set of the World Series for ’05.

This will always be a special time for any White Sox fan, and you can’t go wrong in purchasing an item from when the White Sox were ’05 World Series champions.