Chicago White Sox: Chris Sale, Jeff Samardzija ejected for fight with Royals


Five players, two for the Chicago White Sox and three for the Kansas City Royals were ejected in the eighth inning, Thursday at U.S. Cellular Field.

The disagreement where the benches cleared and a few swings were taken began when Yordano Ventura caught a comebacker off the bat of White Sox centerfielder Adam Eaton. As Eaton jogged to first base, Ventura yelled some choice words in the direction of Eaton (he also might have had some words as well), who turned around.

That’s when things got heated between the two AL Central rivals as the benches and bullpens cleared, resulting in the ejections of Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija of the White Sox and Lorenzo Cain, Ventura and Edinson Volquez of the Royals.

Earlier in the game, each team hit a batter with Jose Abreu being plunked by Ventura in the fourth inning, followed by Sale hitting Mike Moustakas in the fifth.

Both teams took the hit batters and left it at that, until the benches cleared in the eighth. Below is a fan video from YouTube.

Earlier this season, the Royals were in a benches-clearing incident with the Oakland Athletics that also saw players ejected.

CSN Chicago’s Dan Hayes wrote this while covering the White Sox game live on Thursday:

"“Earlier this month, the two teams combined to hit six batters and Friday’s Royals starter Danny Duffy threw behind Adam LaRoche.”"

Before being ejected, Sale was the starting pitcher for the White Sox. In seven innings, he allowed two earned runs on nine hits and one walk. Sale finished with two strikeouts, as his ERA is at 2.37 on the season.

Sale will have a no-decision, as the score was tied at 2-2 when he was sent to the clubhouse.

This is just the first of a four-game series between the two team that will end on Sunday, and if the tempers are already flaring in the first game, a lot more will most likely happen or be said before this series is complete on the South Side.

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