Chicago White Sox: It is time to add Carlos Rodon to rotation


It’s the first week of May and the Chicago White Sox look to be in trouble. Hector Noesi cannot win a game and has an earned run average of 6.75. This leaves one question, when will Carlos Rodon transition from reliever to starter?

Rodon’s pro career has been brief at best lasting only three relief appearances on the year resulting in an ERA of 2.84. He hasn’t shown the greatest of control as it took him 63 pitches just to make it through the 3 innings he pitched today. However that also means he still has the stamina and endurance to become a starter.

It’s understandable that the White Sox want to preserve and limit his workload as Rodon is a top of line talent that could bring home some hardware throughout his career.

It’s easy to understand that by keeping him in the bullpen that this is the best way to do that but with the season possibly in jeopardy due to the teams slow start it may be wise to bring him in the rotation and limit him that way.

It’s important to note though that the White Sox shouldn’t necessarily monitor the innings load but rather the pitch count.

In order to manage the games where Rodon’s pitch count rises it would be wise to have a pitcher aligned with him that could provide relief without destroying the bullpen.

Noesi would be the perfect guy for this. He’s struggled to an 0-3 record with a 6.75 ERA but would be an ideal guy to face a lineup once through before turning things over to the situational guys.

Southside nation what are your thoughts? Should the White Sox bring Rodon into the starting fold?

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