Chicago White Sox: Jeff Samardzija needs a reset button


Tuesday needs to be a time for Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija to take a deep breath, relax and hit the reset button, because nobody needs to see a replay of his previous start that took place last week.

That start was the infamous “Empty Stadium Game,” against the Baltimore Orioles where Samardzija had his worst start of the season, allowing seven earned runs in five innings. To sum it up it was a game where he and his White Sox teammates were (or should have been) embarrassed.

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The start by Samardzija not only included all the aforementioned earned runs, but it began what is a current five-game skid the White Sox are on. The Orioles loss, mixed in with the Minnesota Twins sweeping the “Good Guys,” four straight has left many fans, and hopefully the White Sox themselves, angry and scratching their heads.

I don’t know about the White Sox and Samardzija, but fans of the team are downright tired of being on the wrong side of the scoreboard once the games are complete.

That’s why the White Sox and mostly Samardzija need to hit the reset button before he takes the mound against the Detroit Tigers at U.S. Cellular Field, because if he continues to pitch like he did against the Orioles, and even how he did in the first couple games of the season … the final result won’t be a winning one for Chicago.

Jason Beck on wrote in the official game preview the following about the right-handed pitcher:

"“Samardzija is 1-0 with a 4.78 ERA in two starts at home this season.”"

In three of his games this season (at Kansas City, five earned runs), (vs. Minnesota, four earned runs) and (at Baltimore, seven earned runs) the right-handed flamethrower has allowed 16 of the 17 earned runs he’s given up thus far.

Samardzija has pitched against the Tigers in ’15 at Comerica Park, and it was his best start of the season on April 17. In that start he went eight innings allowing one earned run on eight hits and no walks.

A start like that proves why Samardzija is so valuable to the White Sox, and that’s why he needs to hit the reset button, forgot that horrid start last week, and pitch like he’s capable against the Tigers on Tuesday.

Samardzija’s season has him entering this start with a 1-2 record with 4.78 ERA with 22 strikeouts.

The season isn’t lost yet, but for the team to get off the back roads and onto the paved highway again, they must get more from Samardzija in this start, and if they don’t it could be the start to another long week.

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