Chicago White Sox: Was it too early for excitement?


Last week, I asked if it was OK to be excited once again for the Chicago White Sox? From May 5-18, the Good Guys went 9-3 in a 12-game period, even sweeping the Oakland Athletics for a three-game series.

But the shoe finally dropped on May 19, and since a 3-1 loss to the Cleveland Indians, the White Sox are 1-5 and have gone back to the way they’ve played in April … not very well.

The White Sox lost a four-game series to the Indians, winning on May  18 by a 2-1 score, then lost three straight. From there, the White Sox won on May 22 against the Minnesota Twins (by a 3-2 score), but lost the next two games over this past weekend by scores of 4-3 and 8-1.

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Every loss since May 19 for the White Sox (except for Sunday) has been by three runs or less, but still with two straight series losses, the White Sox have won four of their seven series this month. With that said, those three series losses came against AL Central foes, including a total of five losses to the Twins and three games to the Indians.

So I ask again … was it too early to be excited when the White Sox were making baseball enjoyable to watch for a two-week span?

I still believe the team that won series against the Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers and the Oakland Athletics is still in that dugout somewhere, and yes, the level of competition wasn’t the greatest for the most part in those series wins. That team can still show up every now again when they face teams who are “better” than they are.

Many fans blame manager Robin Ventura for the inconsistency this team has shown, and while a lot of that should go his direction, the players have to be held accountable as well.

The hitting and pitching are very inconsistent, and until that changes, we’ll most likely see more of the same type of play this upcoming week when the White Sox play at the Toronto Blue Jays, at the Baltimore Orioles and at the Houston Astros.

Plus, the time for a doubleheader against the Orioles on May 28 with the current state of the White Sox couldn’t come at a worse time. We’ll really see what this team is made of with no days off this week, plus a twin bill.

I’m interested in seeing where the White Sox go this week, while completing the second month of the season. I can’t say I’m pleased with this season, because as of this week it has been mostly disappointing. There has been no consistency (except inconsistency), and for the foreseeable future, there is no reason to be excited about this team as they are last in the AL Central and have under 20 wins after 41 games.

Hopefully things will change, but this team will have to prove it on the field before that excitement returns again.

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