Chicago White Sox: Walk-off leads to 4th straight loss


The Chicago White Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays put on an entertaining game if you enjoy various lead changes, extra base hits, home runs and a walk-off to complete the game.

There was one problem, though … the White Sox were on the wrong side of a lot of that, and the worst being the walk-off, losing to the Blue Jays, 10-9.

The way they lost … the one consistently good thing about White Sox pitching in 2015 … David Robertson allowed a three-run home run to Josh Donaldson for the 24th loss of the season, also being the fourth consecutive loss by the “Good Guys” and their seventh loss in the past 10 games. Robertson isn’t perfect, so his bad outing isn’t as alarming as the rest of the pitching lately.

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This may be the worst loss of the year (so far) because of just how the White Sox pitching (and defense) continued to give back the lead to the Blue Jays, inning after inning after inning. I could keep going with that, but you get the idea.

Those two factors ruined a 14-hit, nine-run night, including Melky Cabrera, Adam LaRoche, Alexei Ramirez, J.B. Shuck and Tyler Flowers all with two hits.

The White Sox also saw a four-RBI and one home run game for naught by Jose Abreu as well.

I really want to be positive with this club, I’ve tried, but when the only teams they seem to compete with are teams with losing records or some teams from the National League Central, it is tough to stay rah-rah all the time. The six-game winning streak (including the sweep of the Oakland Athletics earlier this month) seems so long ago.

After the Tuesday loss, the White Sox are 19-24 overall, eight games behind the first-place Kansas City Royals. The division championship is tough mountain to climb already.

This current streak of play could be considered just a bad slump of baseball, but this has been a three-year “punch in the gut” so to speak (188 losses in ’13 and ’14 combined), and it shouldn’t be, because this is a much better baseball team than they’ve been playing nearly two months into the season.

Yes, there are still four long months left in this season, and a lot can happen between now and the end of the season, but right now is a very tough stretch of baseball to watch.

Maybe Wednesday will be a different story for the White Sox with Jeff Samardzija on the mound. He’ll bring a 4-2 record and 4.28 ERA against the Blue Jays, and maybe a change of luck for the White Sox.

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