Chicago White Sox: 2015 First 10 Draft Picks


The Chicago White Sox selected a total of 38 players in the 40-round 2015 MLB First-Year Player Draft (the White Sox had no second- or third-round picks due to offseason acquisitions) in hopes of adding to their farm system in the foreseeable future, and eventually some of these players will reach the major league level.

Here is a breakdown of how the White Sox drafted by position:

• Right-Handed Pitcher: 12

• Left-Handed Pitcher: 6

• Center Field: 5

• Catcher: 4

• Second Base: 3

• Shortstop: 3

• First Base: 2

• Third Base: 2

• Left Field: 1

Total: 38 players

Here are the first 10 picks of the ’15 draft for the White Sox:

There are some very solid players listed in those 10 players, but the ones I’m really looking forward to seeing are Fulmer and Stephens, just for the fact of their ability on the field. With Fulmer, the overall potential he brings is tremendous, and with Stephens, what will be interesting is how the White Sox will groom him. Will he be a reliever, or will he stay a starter?

Just from the little I read, the feeling I have is Stephens might be better served as a reliever, especially with what the White Sox currently have in their Major League rotation for the foreseeable future in Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and Carlos Rodon. Nobody knows if the White Sox will be able to keep Jeff Samardzija under contract, and the contract of John Danks runs out after next season.

Knowing the White Sox, Fulmer will stay a starter, and who knows, maybe he’ll be in the majors sooner rather than later.

What players of the first 10 do you believe will eventually get to play for the White Sox in the future, and which players do you believe the organization reached on? Let us know what you think of the White Sox draft.

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