2015 MLB Power Rankings: Toronto Blue Jays demanding attention

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Jun 14, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis (22) hits a single in the first inning against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

128. As we start to get to the hottest part of the summer, Chicago White Sox first baseman <strong><a href=. 28-33. Previous: 23rd. Chicago White Sox. 22. team

team. 108. The Colorado Rockies may have another valuable trade chip in second baseman D.J. LeMahieu. Hitting at Coors Field daily has led to a .339 average this season.. 28-34. Previous: 25th. Colorado Rockies. 23

24. team. 61. The most underrated player in baseball is the Cincinnati Reds third baseman <strong><a href=. 28-34. Previous: 26th. Cincinnati Reds

team. 62. In the rarest of possible occurances, Seattle Mariners starter <strong><a href=. 28-35. Previous: 24th. Seattle Mariners. 25

27-37. Previous: 22nd. Boston Red Sox. 26. team. 14. Since the recentbenching of <strong><a href=

Previous: 27th. Miami Marlins. 27. team. 82. Despite not having any protection around him in the Miami Marlins lineup, <strong><a href=. 27-37

28. team. 96. The Oakland Athletics have been horrible this season on defense. On the left side of the diamond alone, <strong><a href=. 26-39. Previous: 28th. Oakland Athletics

team. 76. The Milwaukee Brewers have a certain trade chip in third baseman <strong><a href=. 24-40. Previous: 30th. Milwaukee Brewers. 29

30. team. 6. The Philadelphia Phillies are another team who did not win a game last week. Rumor has it there at least four team going heavy on a trade for closer <strong><a href=. 22-42. Previous: 29th. Philadelphia Phillies

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