Chicago White Sox Morning BP: Gordon Beckham saves the day, again


When the Chicago White Sox signed Gordon Beckham this offseason I wasn’t all for it. In fact, when I first heard the news they were bringing back the former first-round draft choice after they traded him the previous August, well we can agree there were more than just myself who second guessed the idea.

With the season nearing July I’m not so sure I was right or wrong on Beckham. I do know, right now, I like having Beckham on the roster as a utility player coming off the bench, and not so much as a full-time starter.

Beckham hit a walk-off home run on Sunday for a 3-2 White Sox win, their second in a row, following what was an eight-game losing streak by the same ball club. The walk-off home run sent the White Sox to a 30-38 overall record.

Hitting the walk-off homer on Father’s Day wasn’t the first time that Beckham had a hit to lead the White Sox to a win via the walk-off fashion. On Mother’s Day Beckham had the game-winning hit as well.

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But with Beckham, I’m more of the belief that if he’s going to be on the roster, the best way to utilize his skills is either off the bench and as a spot starter in the infield. It seems the former first rounder is OK with that role on this ball club, because it has worked a time or two this season.

Though Beckham is batting just .220 in 2015, against right-handers he is batting .250 (84 at-bats), and in extra innings this season Beckham is batting .333 in six at-bats with the aforementioned two hits and two RBIs.

My opinion has changed for me when it comes to Beckham, and though I have switched my alliances in believing he’s earned a spot on the White Sox roster (that’s all), I still would just rather see him in a reserve role off the bench for the remainder of the season. Maybe the opinion has changed for the fact he gives off the feeling he actually wants to be on the roster, and he seems to have a different attitude the his first go-around.

Time will continue to tell what this offseason signing of Beckham will really bring to this franchise as the season goes on.

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