Chicago White Sox Morning BP: Will the misery ever end?


Thanks to a rain out on Saturday, at least the Detroit Tigers didn’t have three chances to defeat the Chicago White Sox over the weekend, because if they did it most likely would have had happened.

Sunday’s loss was just another embarrassment of just how this team can’t finish a game, or make correct choices when the game is on the line. The loss on Friday to the Tigers wasn’t any fun either.

I still don’t understand why Jeff Samardzija was sent into the eighth inning Sunday as he had already went seven very strong innings, only to see the eighth ruin what was a good day. Maybe the manager and coaches don’t believe or have any confidence in the “revamped” bullpen anymore.

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The bullpen should have been fresh with Saturday off due to the game being postponed, but instead a 4-0 lead in the eighth turned into a 5-4 loss for the White Sox, giving them the worst record in the American League (32-42).

As much as we all want to see this ball club win, this season is basically a wash being 10 games under .500 with no improvement in sight.

I’m not calling for Robin Ventura to be fired as manager of the White Sox. The reason being it seems the front office already has their mind made up in that this disaster of a season, and last season and the season before that is no fault of their own or that of the coaching staff either. They’ve tried to bring in higher priced veteran players, but that’s not worked out well either.

Calling for a new manager seems to be a waste of time with this organization.

If this team ever wants in this version of the AL Central though, against managers that have won or managed in the World Series, they will need that type of manager as well. I’ll leave it at that.

Jun 28, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Chicago White Sox second baseman Emilio Bonifacio (64) sits in dugout during the seventh inning against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The players also really need to pick up their level of play as well, but with it almost being July, what are the odds of that occurring? The players also deserve a lot of the blame for how this season has played out as well, but they’ve said on a few occasions “they haven’t quit.”

Looking at this upcoming week of games, the White Sox have two games at Busch Stadium against the St. Louis Cardinals, the team with the best record in MLB at 51-24.

The White Sox this season are not just 10 games under .500 overall, but on the road they are 13 games under .500 at 14-27. Following the two-game set against St. Louis, the White Sox will host the Baltimore Orioles for three games from July 3-5. The O’s are 41-34, tied for first place in the AL East with the Tampa Bay Rays.

This upcoming week for the White Sox could be one of the toughest ones yet, and that’s saying something.

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