Should the Chicago White Sox Trade Jose Quintana?


After another stellar performance last night against the MLB best St. Louis Cardinals, is it time to capitalize on Jose Quintana’s worth as the trade deadline approaches?

As Chicago White Sox fans, we all know how valuable and effective Quintana is to the rotation. Every time on the bump he seems to pass the eye test to casual viewer and hardcore fan alike, however what do the stats say?

Looking at some numbers from Baseball Reference, one stat that pops out to me is Quintanta’s number of quality starts during his tenure with the Sox. Quintana has 60 quality starts over parts of three and a half seasons.

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What is even more impressive is his quality start percentage. In 2012, his first season with the Sox, he accounted for 10 quality starts in 22 games started which equates to 45-percent. Ever since then that number has continued to increase to 52-percent in 2013, 66-percent in 2014, and 75-percent this year.

Quintana has thrown 12 quality starts so far in his 15 starts!

Although Quintana has never had a stellar win-loss record that is due in large part to the lack of run support he has had throughout his White Sox career. Since 2013, Quintana on average has never had more than 3.8 runs of support per game. To me, that is astoundingly awful bad luck. It would make sense then that since 2012, he has 44 no-decisions due in large part to his offense’s ineptitude to produce. Forty-four no-decisions … that is an entire season’s worth of starts!

Because of this, his wins with the White Sox are usually few and far between. Should the White Sox get rid of one of their most consistent pitchers of the last four years and try to flip him for a prospect?

My opinion is definitely yes.

Jun 16, 2015; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Jose Quintana (62) pitches against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the first inning in an inter-league game at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I personally do not think the Sox can rebound this season so why have another pitcher in the rotation who won’t get runs scored for him anyway? With his very lucrative team-friendly contract and being just 26, I am sure many teams would covet a dependable left-hander like Quintana.  Which teams are some possible matches for Quintana and what positions should the White Sox target?

I’ll first start with potential teams the Sox could talk to about Quintana. A few teams I could see desiring Quintana are the Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels, Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, and even the New York Yankees.

I am throwing out these names for a couple reasons. The Blue Jays for example are known by a lot of baseball fans to be looking for starting pitching. In Quintana they not only acquire a dependable starter but a lefty with a good breaking-ball that can also rack up some strikeouts. The Rays need a pitcher to replace Drew Smyly. Matt Moore just returned to the rotation and that will help Chris Archer, but I can see the Rays going after another solid lefty to deepen their rotation.

Lastly with the Cardinals and Angels, both require a lefty to round out their rotation and Quintana would immediately help them down the stretch.

With the mindset of Quintana already gone, I want at least upper-level prospect or two in return. Quintana is too good a pitcher to not at least command one top prospect and maybe another decent prospect in return for his consistency and production over the years.

I would LOVE help on the left-side of the infield. My top preferences would be as follows: 1. third base prospect. 2. A catcher prospect. 3. second base/shortstop prospect. This team needs hitters for the future, not right now.

With a plethora of pitching both already on the team and on the farm, the Sox need to lock up some potential All-Star bats this deadline.

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