White Sox: Don’t Expect Ken Williams Exit Anytime Soon


After another losing season, White Sox VP Kenny Williams has come under fire. But rumors of his possible exit seem to be untrue.

The Chicago White Sox are coming off another losing season. This time, things seem to be different. They already replaced manager Robin Ventura and it seems the front office is taking most of the blame. After all, they were the ones to put together this team and left some obvious holes.

Kenny Williams has probably taken the most criticism than anyone in the front office. There has been rumors floating about his exit from Chicago, but I wouldn’t expect that to happen anytime soon. Jon Heyman wrote he wasn’t sure where the rumors of Williams’ exit from the Sox came from, but there’s no evidence to support that to be true. And so far this offseason that has remained true. While this team seems dedicated to making changes, those changes will likely not include the front office.

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That’s because it’s not in Jerry Reinsdorf’s MO. Reinsdorf just doesn’t fire front office personnel. Ron Schueler stepped down as general manager, paving the way for Williams. When he got promoted, Rick Hahn was made GM. In fact, Williams has been with the organization since 1992. For whatever reason Reinsdorf feels this team is much better with him than without him. Nothing said that more than when he [Williams] was denied permission to interview for the vacant Blue Jay’s president and CEO position in 2014.

If only that weren’t the case. Now, the Sox are basically stuck with him. He has made so many questionable decisions during his time as GM and now, as executive vice president, he still can’t get it right. There’s no reason to ever think another organization’s ownership would say “let’s hire Ken Williams as our president.”

The idea of that ever happening is laughable. This guy doesn’t know how to run an organization. His record as GM was spotty at best. Yes, he won a World Series, but since then, his team has made the playoffs once and hasn’t been to the playoffs in eight years. Couple that with the fact this team has had four consecutive losing seasons.

The only way the Sox will rid themselves of Williams is if he resigns. And I don’t see him doing that. He thinks he’s good at his job and can turn this team around. What’s even more interesting is we don’t even know if baseball operations is technically in his job description. As executive vice president, no one real knows what his job is.

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All we know is he continues to have a say in the direction of the team, and Reinsdorf values his opinion more than he values Hahn’s. We can only hope ownership comes to their senses and realizes Williams has no value to this team, whatsoever. Once they realize that and give him the axe, they can focus on building a winning organization. Until then, expect Williams to continue meddling in the everyday operations of this team and produce a mediocre product.