Should White Sox Target Chris Carter This Offseason?


White Sox could use more power in its lineup for next season. Should they target former farmhand for help?

Back in December of 2007, the White Sox dealt farmhand Chris Carter to the Arizona Diamondbacks for outfielder Carlos Quentin. While we all know the kind of season that Quentin the following year, would it make sense to bring the recently released Carter back for 2017? Here is why it makes sense.

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If the Sox truly are rebuilding, why not take a flyer on a bat that can go deep 40 times? No one is suggesting that the club should sign Carter to a 4-year deal, but finding potential players that the team can flip at the deadline is crucial in a rebuild. Yes Carter is a terrible fielder, but he would have a place on an American League team as a designated hitter.

Sure Carter can hit the long ball, however he has serious trouble making contact. In other words, he’s similar to Adam Dunn. Carter hit 41 home runs in 2016, however struck out 206 times. To make things worse, he only recorded 122 hits, meaning outside of going deep Carter did not make much contact.

In regards to the Dunn comparison, Carter has his monster power, but lacks some of his other attributes. While his highest career walk total is 76, and Dunn has been issued a free pass over 100 times on eight occasions over his career, comparing the two isn’t exactly fair. Home run power yes, but when Dunn drives in 100 or more six times Carter’s run production is not quite there either (Carter’s highest career RBI total is 94).

Let’s say the Sox sign Carter, would it make sense to sing a few more of his ilk? Not necessarily his style of player, but more along the lines of that type of talent. The guy you bring in with one big tool. The purpose of this is so that if they do indeed produce, the club could get a decent prospect or two come next July.

While Carter is not going to win anyone a world championship by himself, he brings a skill to a team in the case that they do not have a big power bat. Given Carter is a severely flawed bat, but keep in mind that most American League teams would love a player that gives them a chance to turn around a game in a heartbeat.

Overall, the Sox need to bring in every possible resource in order to upgrade the ball club for the future. It is understandable that Carter won’t do that himself, but he might bring back a prospect with a serviceable future. The more of these players you bring to the South Side, the greater the Sox chance becomes of getting lucky with a lottery ticket prospect.

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Keep in mind Carter is unlikely to bring back the next Mike Trout. I doubt that any average MLB player could, but the more chances the Sox get, it is possible that they get a solid pro in return. While Sox fans are skeptical of the organization right now (and rightfully so), things can only get better. Or at least we hope.