White Sox Boast Three of MLB’s Top 10 RHP Prospects

White Sox Top RHP Prospect Lucas Giolito
White Sox Top RHP Prospect Lucas Giolito /

Three White Sox hurlers appear on MLB Pipeline’s list of the top 10 right-handed pitching prospects. The future of the organization looks bright if these three live up to the hype.

The Chicago White Sox find themselves in the position of having a surplus of young talent. Rick Hahn remade the farm system by trading away Chris Sale and Adam Eaton. And that looks like it will payoff big in the future. MLB Pipeline released its list of the top 10 right-handed pitching prospects and three of those guys now reside within this organization.

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Lucas Giolito was No. 3 and the highest rated White Sox on the list. He was followed by Michael Kopech (No.4) and Reynaldo Lopez rounded out the list at No. 10. Remember, Kopech came to this team in the Sale trade. Giolito and Lopez were part of the Eaton package. If these guys live up to their full potential, this team could have a really scary rotation when you pair this trio with Carlos Rodon. And it might not end there.

We have heard constant rumors of Jose Quintana’s possible trade. And it may happen before spring training. That means the White Sox could potentially get three or four more elite prospects. The Houston Astros and Pittsburgh Pirates are potential suitors and both have guys on this list. Tyler Glasnow (Pittsburgh) is ranked No. 2 and Francis Martes (Houston) is No. 5. A trade could potentially give this team three of the top five right-handed pitching prospects and four in the top 10. That would be a very impressive feat and could set this team up for future success.

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It’s impressive just to have one top pitching prospect, but three and possibly four is just insane. The White Sox are somewhere they haven’t been in years. They are starting to build a team the proper way and it could pay off huge in just a few seasons. Hahn has changed the culture of the organization and set this team up for years of success. What’s most exciting is Giolito, Kopech and Lopez are all only about two seasons away from making the majors. That means in just a few seasons this pitching staff has the potential to be dynamic.