White Sox: Potential Free Agent Options for Upcoming Offseason

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 28: Lucas Duda
NEW YORK, NY - JULY 28: Lucas Duda /

White Sox in position to add low-cost veterans to team this upcoming offseason to complement a young core of talented players on the South Side.

With offseason moves fast approaching, it makes sense to talk about potential free agent targets for the Chicago White Sox. Since 2018 is going to be another rebuilding year, it is most likely that Rick Hahn and his staff will be looking for players to move at the trading deadline next year. Who might some of those additions be? Here are a few names that might come cheap for the Sox over the next few months.

Carlos Gomez (OF)

Once an MVP caliber player, Gomez has seen his career descend far since 2013. In both 2015 and ’16 he did not spend the entire season in one city, and this year Gomez saw his batting average finish below .260 for the third straight season. Injuries have hampered Gomez’s performance, which can be seen by his reduced stolen base totals (less than 20 since 2014) and a dWAR that has been negative since 2016.

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Could he return to greatness? Highly unlikely considering the direction he is headed in, however could he bring back a prospect in July? That is possible, so it might make sense depending on the price.

Lucas Duda (1B)

A left-handed power hitter, Duda is a solid option in the middle of your lineup but is an extremely flawed player. In some ways he is a poor-mans Adam Dunn, considering the fact he doesn’t hit as many home runs, strike out as much, or walk the same amount of times (also low average).

However, he is a viable trade candidate as the Mets dealt him to the Rays last summer. On top of that, he wouldn’t be blocking any elite prospects at the moment and could help Jose Abreu get off his feet from time to time. It is doubtful Duda will bring back a good prospect, but his addition to another roster might entice an opposing team to give up a minor leaguer of limited value.

Fernando Abad (LHP)

Bringing up Abad’s name might be going a bit out on the limb, but here is why. He is a reliever and is left-handed. Anytime a pitcher who fits into those two categories is solid could potentially bring back a decent return at the deadline. If the Sox have to offer an option year to sign him it might be worthwhile.

Now keep in mind that Abad is far from dominant, and has never been consistent either. Outside of 2010 (his rookie season) and 2014, Abad’s ERA has always exceeded three not to mention his lowest WHIP registered was at 1.24 this past season. So while it is unlikely a team will get an elite reliever, they could get an option out of the pen who has a career ERA of 3.65 and strikes out batters at a 2.4 to 1 clip.

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Overall, these three names are just many options for the Sox to go after this offseason. It is highly unlikely that any would bring back a top 100 prospect, however acquiring a lottery ticket in return is very possible. Will they be able to cash in on that ticket? Who knows, but that is the fun of it Sox fans.