White Sox: Could Joe Girardi be Tabbed to Replace Rick Renteria?

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Joe Girardi won’t be the New York Yankees manager. Should the White Sox try to lure him to Chicago?

The Yankees decided not to retain Joe Girardi as manager and now he needs a new home. We’re not sure what he’ll do. But his track record is there. This leads to the question if the Chicago White Sox should borrow a page out of the Cubs playbook and explore hiring Girardi? This has been a topic of discussion. There are no reports to indicate they’re serious about this.

Rick Renteria could still be the Cubs manager if Joe Maddon didn’t become available after the 2014 season. Again Renteria could find himself in that spot again if in fact the White Sox go that route. That would be a bad break for him. He has done an admirable job but if Girardi is interested in the White Sox, could they say no?

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Renteria has built up a lot of trust in his players. Players rave about him and he has done a great job despite the circumstances. And he connects really well with the Latin players.

The biggest criticism is some feel he’s not a great in-game tactician. That was one of the knocks on Robin Ventura. Some also question whether he’s a good enough manager to lead this team into the future.

The White Sox would get a great manager in Girardi however. He won the World Series in 2009 with the Yankees and made the playoffs six times. He won 910 games as the Yankees’ skipper. It’s not easy to manage in New York and he did a phenomenal job. He wouldn’t have a problem dealing with the Chicago media.

We don’t know if Girardi would be interested in the White Sox. He turned down the Cubs before to stay in New York. He doesn’t seem too keen on moving his family and this organization is not ready to win just yet. They still need a few years to figure things out. He might not want the challenge of assisting in a rebuild. The Yankees were kind of in the same position the White Sox are in now towards the end of his tenure.

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Girardi to the White Sox may not be a reality. But it’s fun to talk about. There’s pros and cons of both guys. It comes down to who the front office feels is best to lead this team. Again, Girardi would have to be interested in coming to Chicago. If not then this whole discussion is moot.