White Sox Will Look to Jose Abreu for Veteran Leadership

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 26: Jose Abreu /

Jose Abreu will be the veteran leader of this team. The White Sox will look to him to guide the youngsters next season.

There has been much talk about where Jose Abreu fits into the Chicago White Sox long term. The slugging first baseman will turn 31 in January but has hit at least 25 home runs and driven 100 RBIs in each of his first four major league seasons. Some have felt the team should trade him and continue amassing prospects. However, this team needs a veteran leader and Abreu can be that guy.

Abreu has the tools to be the leader and this team will need one. He can be a great influence on the younger guys like Yoan Moncada and Eloy Jimenez. Abreu has been lauded as a great teammate and has been a great influence already.

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This team severely lacks the veteran leadership we see from most successful clubs. It’s not a knock on the organization. They just have so many young guys. A veteran presence like Abreu definitely helps. A 162-game season is a grind and the White Sox need someone to show the young guys how to prepare.

There’s no better person to lead this team than Abreu. In just four seasons he accomplished so much. He even picked Moncada up from the airport when he promoted.

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There’s no question Rick Hahn could get a great return if he were to put Abreu on the market. But you can’t put a price on leadership. And Abreu has the qualities to lead the locker room and bring the team together. He is ready to take on that leadership role and really make this his team. Eventually he’ll pass the torch but for now this is his team and it’ll be up to him to motivate his teammates to play their best.