White Sox: Market For Jose Abreu May Develop More

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 26: Jose Abreu /

The market for White Sox slugger Jose Abreu could develop more now that Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani have homes.

The Chicago White Sox don’t seem likely to trade Jose Abreu but that could be a fluid situation. Now that the MLB offseason has played out a little more, his market could continue to develop. Shohei Ohtani and Giancarlo Stanton are both off the market meaning teams who need hitters will be looking for other options. Enter Rick Hahn with Abreu.

We heard the White Sox and Red Sox talks were ‘overstated’ and there wasn’t too much traction for a deal. That was before Boston lost out on Stanton and he went to their rival. Now they have to play catch up and may be more willing to deal for Abreu. There’s also some other teams out there, like the Cardinals. St. Louis was connected to the slugger last month.

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More teams may come out of the woodwork as well. The San Francisco Giants may also feel the need to add a slugger after having Stanton veto a proposed trade.

The offseason is still young and once guys like J.D. Martinez start signing, teams will be looking at trade options. Hahn has been smart about not tipping his hand and remaining patient. That has paid dividends for the White Sox and should continue.

I think most fans have mixed feelings on trading Abreu. He has been so good for the White Sox. At times, he was the only one worth watching. Value is going to be a big thing here. If Hahn gets say Chris Sale value for him, then he may not have a choice. He hasn’t said that Abreu will be on the roster heading into 2018. But that shouldn’t be a surprise. A team in the Sox position need to constantly keep their options open and be willing to explore every avenue. Even if it’s not a popular move.

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The future of this team is bright with Abreu. Without Abreu it could still be bright. That all depends on the type of value he can bring in a potential trade.