Dear Santa: White Sox Fans Holiday Wish List for 2018

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 15: Yolmer Sanchez
DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 15: Yolmer Sanchez /

If the White Sox were to write a letter to Santa, it may come out something like this. The holiday wish list for 2018.

Dear Santa:

The Chicago White Sox have been good this year. I know you’ve been watching, and we have too. I thought for convenience it might make things easy if we spelled out our holiday wish list, now, while the elves are still holed up at the North Pole.

Our asks are modest, and our needs sincere. We don’t want the world, just a World Title. Eventually.

  1. We want to sign Manny Machado to a free agent contract next offseason. This is important, as it will bring a top offensive producer to the team who will be 26 starting the 2018 season and is exactly the right age to be aligned with the remaining talent the Sox are developing. We’re getting this request in early – a year early – to allow you and the elves plenty of planning to make this happen. No pressure.

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  1. How about an extension for Jose Abreu? And not only that, make him Team Captain. Reward not only his performance but his leadership. We’re not only building a team of individual contributors, we’re building a team environment and winning culture. Reward that culture with a leader and it will not only coalesce around him but follow.
  1. A free agent outfielder might be nice. Maybe just for a year or two, someone who can play center and is a strong, quick defender who covers a lot of territory. That would help our young pitchers tremendously. Rajai Davis perhaps? He shouldn’t cost too much and at 37 would likely be up for a short-term contract. He also brings speed and the ability to play all outfield positions, which would allow him to mentor to our youngsters on both playing the outfield as well as base running.
  1. Also perhaps someone who swings from the left side. We don’t mean to be too demanding, but hey, you’re Santa.
  1. Bring back the old Crosstown series format. The Home-and-Home with games at each park in success really played up fan enthusiasm and competitiveness. Three games in Wrigley in early May and three games at Guaranteed Rate in late September is a bit disconnected. I get it, the new format allows a full Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekend at each park. But I don’t know how I’m going to be excited about those games on the South Side Sept. 21-23 when it’s likely the visiting Cubs will have a better record at that time and potentially be preparing for the playoffs again. Ugh.
  1. A parking app to know how to get to each specific letter lot via GPS, with real-time knowledge of the street closures, directions, and Chicago Police placement. Sort of a Waze for Guaranteed Rate field. Let’s put the park back in parking.
  1. Special depth perception goggles for all home plate umpires to wear when Lucas Gioloto pitches so that when he throws a curveball in which the bottom drops out they won’t automatically say it was low for a ball.
  1. Moisture-wicking fan apparel so that we can take showers out on the center field concourse without being soaked the rest of the game.
  1. Tim Anderson’s second half to be his full 2018 performance. An incredible second half was obscured by a slow start. That boy was a beast.
  1. Last but not least… please see items no. 1 and no. 2 above. Just sayin’

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Happy Holidays and Go White Sox!