White Sox: Trade Offer for Manny Machado Didn’t Include Top Prospects

BALTIMORE, MD - AUGUST 18: Manny Machado
BALTIMORE, MD - AUGUST 18: Manny Machado /

The White Sox offer for Manny Machado didn’t involve any top prospects Bob Nightengale reports. The belief is he would spend one season with the club.

The Manny Machado saga continues and the Chicago White Sox are in the thick of it. Sox fans feared the team would have to surrender top prospects in order to get his services. However, that doesn’t seem to be accurate. Bob Nightengale reports their offer didn’t involve any of their top prospects.

Furthermore, Nightengale writes that two team executives, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirm the team made a solid offer. But it was based on the belief he [Macado] would spend only one season with the Sox.

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That begs the question why would they trade for him if they feel he would only be in Chicago for a year? Nightengale suggests they could simply flip him at the trade deadline to recoup what they lost. That would seem like a big risk to take. And to make things more complicated, Orioles owner Peter Angelos is very insistent  Machado not end up in Boston or New York.

It still seems like a big risk to take. I don’t think Rick Hahn is that stupid. It seems like the team may feel if they get Machado and he plays a season with them and sees their culture, he will fall in love with it and want to sign long term. Even if he does decide to test the market, which he definitely will.

Hahn has said they will take chances. This would constitute a big chance. Hearing their top prospects won’t be part of the trade does make some feel better about this. The truth is they have so much pitching depth, they can easily put together a solid offer. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this plays out. Baltimore reportedly has 10 solid offers and may move Machado by the end of the week.

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For the White Sox, it would give them a perennial superstar and MVP candidate. And it would make this team relevant. Hahn definitely knows what he’s doing and has won every trade thus far. So there’s no reason to think he would go astray and have the Baltimore pull one over on him.