White Sox: Whose call-up deserves more hype, Kopech or Jimenez?

GLENDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 21: Eloy Jimenez
GLENDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 21: Eloy Jimenez /

White Sox top prospects have a lot of hype surrounding them going into the upcoming season. Which player is worthy of the most hype for 2018?

With both Michael Kopech and Eloy Jimenez nearing their major league debuts, it makes sense to discuss which one should be hyped more. Given both play different positions, however, is it possible that both provide talents deserving of equal attention? Let’s take a look.

First and foremost Kopech is a starting pitcher, meaning he will only take the ball once every five days. Otherwise, he won’t even see action, while Jimenez should be on the field on a daily basis. However, since the pitchers control the game Kopech could dominate an entire lineup. On the other hand, Jimenez will get far less action in a game assuming Kopech doesn’t leave the game early.

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Speaking of the aforementioned paragraph, an elite starting pitcher is one of the most vital aspects of a winning team. However so is a middle of the order bat, which Jimenez has the potential to become. On top of that, without either, it is hard to head into any postseason series thinking you have a realistic chance of winning.

Moving on to how important each player actually is to the team. It is all in the eye of the beholder, to be honest. When you don’t win titles without pitching one would say Kopech should be hyped more. However, elite middle of the order bats is not easy to find, which adds to the case for Jimenez.

Now, this is not about who you want more, but which player is deserving of more hype. Here is a simple way to look at it. When Kopech makes his debut, it will most likely be as a starting pitcher meaning all eyes will be on him for an extended period of time. On the other hand, Jimenez could make four to five at-bats and get a handful of plays in the field. So the hard-throwing Texan should command extra attention when he comes to the big leagues.

Before we wrap up, it must be stated that when Jimenez becomes a member of the Chicago White Sox a significant number of eyes will be on him. The fact that he doesn’t control the ball is critical as to why Jimenez won’t command the same attention to Kopech. However, his value to a team could be equal if not above a potentially dominant starter.

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All in all, both of these players have all the tools to become elite major league players. However, we are trying to talk about whose debut deserves more hype, and with so many top 100 prospects coming, the Chicago media needs to be wise as to whom to spend the most time on. Even though these two will come up at different times (more than likely), it is wise not to treat every call-up as though they will become the next Mike Trout. Not because we aren’t hoping they can, but let’s just temper the hype a bit, Sox fans.