White Sox: How the wintry weather will affect the homestand

CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 05: Jose Abreu
CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 05: Jose Abreu /

This first week has been a chilly one for the Chicago White Sox, who have been fighting the elements quite a bit.

Given the White Sox just finished a series in a dome, the wintry conditions have been wreaking havoc on the team.

Will they impact the rest of the homestand? If so how should we expect them to affect the game? Let’s take a look at the forecast and its potential significance!

It’s not Chicago – it’s Chiberia

For those who attended today’s game, you may have felt as though it was Siberia depending on your seat location. Unfortunately, the Saturday afternoon contest is unlikely to be a whole lot warmer, as readings may not crack 40 degrees. Another issue to keep in mind is the wind, which is expected to blow off of Lake Michigan. Brrr.

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Rays aren’t bringing the sun

After the Tigers series ends, the Tampa Bay Rays come to Chicago. The Rays will be in for a shock. To illustrate the chilly conditions they will face, Monday’s game has been moved to 1:10 PM CDT from what was scheduled to be a 7:10 PM first pitch. Highs are not expected to break 40 degrees, and more snow could fall.

Another day game is in the offering for Sox fans on Tuesday. Be prepared to bundle up once again as temps are expected to be in the low to mid 40’s. However, some sun could make fans feel a bit warmer depending on where they sit in the ballpark.

The series finale against the Rays could be a chilly one as well, mostly due to the fact that it will be under the lights. Even though temperatures could peak above 60 degrees during the day, don’t head to the South Side at night without layers.

How the weather will affect the game

So, how will these chilly conditions affect the game? Since both teams play in the same weather, maybe not quite as much but for the Sox, because they will have just completed a series against the Tigers in it. But, the Rays just finished two series in the east – against the Yankees and the Red Sox. Keep in mind that Monday’s game will feature Chris Archer, who is not easy to face regardless of the elements. It could be a tough contest for both teams, regardless of the temperature.

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While cold is cold, and both clubs are playing the same weather, don’t be surprised to see some sloppy play at times this week, Sox fans.