White Sox: 2018 predictions from the Southside Showdown writers

KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 29: Aaron Bummer
KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 29: Aaron Bummer /
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TORONTO, ON – APRIL 2: Reynaldo Lopez
TORONTO, ON – APRIL 2: Reynaldo Lopez /

Predicting a win-loss record is difficult, but our writers gave it a go.

I’m not sure what their thought processes were on this question, but these are the answers to this question: What will the White Sox win-loss record be? And, will the team get into the playoffs?

  • Etheria: 85-77. Yes through the second Wild Card spot.
  • Roger:  74-88. No.
  • Joe: 79-83. No.
  • Darrell: 82-80. No, but they will be close to the second Wild Card.
  • Brian: 75-87. No.
  • Ruben: 82-80 or 84-78. No, but they’ll be close.
  • Nicole: 75-87. No.
  • Jeff: 72-90. Not this year.
  • Me: 82-80. No.

Four of the nine expect the White Sox to have a winning season. The rest are not as hopeful. Darrell is the most hopeful as he expects the Sox to be just a few games out of a Wild Card berth. Ruben and I both are of the mind that the Sox will be flirting with .500 for most of the season. Sadly, we’re a little far off from reality with the current standings.

The worst records in recent history

If the Sox stay on their current pace, their 162-game record would be 54-108. Records like this don’t happen very often. In fact, in the 2000s, only 2003 Tigers and 2004 Diamondbacks have had records below this threshold. The 2003 Tigers were 43-119 and the Diamondbacks were 51-111. The most recent team with a .333 season was the 1998 Florida Marlins.

The worst White Sox record in history was in 1932 when the team finished 49-102, a .325 season. In the 162-game era, the worst Sox record was in 1970 when they finished 56-106, a .346 season.