White Sox: 2018 predictions from the Southside Showdown writers

KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 29: Aaron Bummer
KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 29: Aaron Bummer /
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The 2018-2019 off-season has one of the most remarkable lists of free agents in recent memory.

This means that there could be some serious movement at the July Trade Deadline as teams drop players to open up salary money.

The White Sox have a young squad of up-and-comers, but there are always needs that can be filled. One notable spot is third base. And, many are predicting that if the Baltimore Orioles are not contending, they could offer up Manny Machado to the highest bidder. The Sox were in on Machado in the previous off-season, but nothing came to fruition.

Will the White Sox be buyers or sellers at the Trade Deadline? Or will they stand pat?

  • Etheria: Stand pat, unless they are significantly below .500, then they will sell.
  • Roger: They will sell and the players will include: Davidson, Joakim Soria, James Shields, Nate Jones, and Avisail Garcia.
  • Joe: Sellers, but he’s not expecting the market to be good. He thinks the team will look to move Garcia, Shields, or Jose Abreu.
  • Darrell: Sellers.
  • Brian: Sellers in both July and August.
  • Ruben: Stand pat.
  • Nicole: Sellers.
  • Jeff: Sellers at both.
  • Me: Sellers.

Darrell was the most enthusiastic about the possibility of an updated Sox team come July. He said:

"“Sell, sell, sell, baby! Anyone not considered an integral and/or club controlled piece of the future has a chance to be moved. Miguel Gonzalez (again), Joakim Soria, Danny Farquhar, and Nate Jones stand out as most likely to find themselves on the move. Avisail Garcia is the likeliest position player to be traded, but I see him staying put. A few things break the Sox way, however, and the deep farm system might be parlayed into some supplementary upgrades.”"

I’m of the same mindset as Darrell. The Sox have a mixed squad with a few veterans who could provide value at the deadline. Soria is one of the most likely players to be dealt, especially with the value that good relievers have in today’s game. It would be difficult to imagine a Sox team without Abreu as having a veteran or two is valuable to a team in rebuild mode.