White Sox: As Trade Deadline approaches Rick Hahn asks for patience

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Michael Kopech
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Michael Kopech /

After the exciting 2017 White Sox Trade Deadline, the 2018 deadline seems to be rather quiet.

And, to add to the quiet, White Sox GM Rick Hahn is asking fans for their patience as the rebuild starts to work itself out.

He did this in an article by Tom Musick in the Chicago Sun-Times. Hahn said about patience:

"“It’s not going to be a function of any level of eagerness that fans or coaches or myself or the front office has. That’s not prudent for the long term. And one thing I can promise is that our focus is unwavering in terms of putting this organization in the best spot for the long term.”"

This quote was in reference to whether the front office will move Michael Kopech and/or Eloy Jimenez up to Chicago anytime soon. These two players, especially Jimenez, are doing well down in Charlotte.

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Regularly, our own Etheria Modacure continues to share the successes of Jimenez. And, it is clear that here at Southside Showdown, we are ready to see the young guys make their way to the Bigs.

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But, the Trade Deadline is often an exciting time for fans of all teams. As the contenders work hard to shore up their rosters, teams like the White Sox are there to help the contenders do it. But, at this point, the Pale Hose don’t have many assets that they absolutely need to trade away.

Soria was a given

Soria was a given, as he was clearly added to the team as a trade chip. At the time of his trade, he had the third highest contract on the team. And, he had a friendly $1 million buyout at the end of the season. If you really think about it, there is no way that a 34-year-old closer was going to stick around on rebuilding team. When the Sox really need a closer in the next few years, they’ll have a “home grown” one.

Teams in rebuilds often ask for patience. And, as fans, it’s tough to give it. Baseball is a long season, many call it a marathon, although that’s not always the best metaphor. Fans want to see their teams win on a game-by-game basis, but they also want to see the post-season happen, too.

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Jimenez, Kopech, and the rest of the young players are getting exactly what they need in the farm system. And, when they are ready, fans will get to enjoy them every single game for several years to come. The wait will only make that day so much better.