White Sox is the team that the national media loves to forget

Frank Thomas of the Chicago White Sox. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Frank Thomas of the Chicago White Sox. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Where would the White Sox be without Frank Thomas to remind the world that it actually exists?

The answer: completely forgotten.

It seems as if the national media, especially “The Mother Ship,” only thinks that there are 29 MLB teams. And, the latest gaff happened when the forgotten team’s most recent Hall of Famer was left off of a notable list.

As ESPN was touting how great Mike Trout is (and, for the record, he is great), Thomas was left off of a very important list. It turns out that Trout has the most top-four MVP finishes. So, as ESPN was listing the other players with several top-four MVP wins, a guy with six of them was notably absent. Vinnie Dubar of NBC Sports Chicago caught the omission and Thomas’s catch.

But, only a White Sox fan would know. And, especially, the guy who actually has those six top-four MVP votes. While it is quite amazing that Trout has accomplished this much at the age of 27, it is not worth forgetting about an ENTIRE baseball team.

Of course, it’s terrible that a player as impactful as the Big Hurt was forgotten. But, the way that Thomas called out ESPN is epic. This simple Tweet says it all:

The last time that ESPN forgot about the White Sox was in 2017. This time, it was claiming that only one team made it through the post-season with only one loss – the 1998 New York Yankees. And, Thomas brought the “big hurt” to the Mother Ship by reminding the channel of 2005 when the Sox did it. Pun intended.

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Nearly one year to the day, ESPN gave plenty of props to the 2016 Cubs (remember when they won that World Series?) – there’s no way that anyone will let the world forget about 2016. Again, the sports giant completely forgot about the 2005 World Series when listing the number of championships that occurred by teams located in Chicago since 1965. ESPN claimed there were 10 championships between the Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks.

The real number is 11. Ahem… 2005. White Sox. Within the city limits. 60616.

Again, NBC Sports Chicago and Frank Thomas took care of the Southsiders.

Come on, ESPN. You’re supposed to be better than this. Once is understandable, as sad as that may sound. But three times in three consecutive years – almost to the day? Is this sporting world’s biggest trolling? Doubtful, but it would give the Mother Ship a lame excuse.

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For White Sox fans, the national-media snubbing can be maddening. This MLB team deserves to be recognized. It may be trendy and hip to wear the baby bear logo, but it’s time for the national media and baseball world to remember that the White Sox are real. And so are the fans.