White Sox: My prediction on where Bryce Harper, Manny Machado sign

White Sox interest in top two free agents this offseason has been encouraging but what team will either player sign with?

Its December 23, the winter meetings have concluded, Manny Machado has completed his three meetings with Philadelphia, New York and with our beloved White Sox on the South Side. Bryce Harper has seemingly met with all teams interested, as his decision should come any time following Machado’s. The erratic rumors, suspicions, and photoshops will finally come to a screaming halt.

Before making my official prediction, I still do truly believe that the White Sox have a real shot at signing one of these franchises changing superstars. Their minuscule payroll and loaded farm system alone make them a possible destination for any superstar in the near future.

With that being said, the one aspect that they do not share in common with an LA, Philadelphia, or New York is that they’re more than likely not competing for a playoff spot in 2019, which may or may not be a small price to pay for a Machado or Harper.

Something I mentioned in a previous blog that I’d like to mention once more is that the resolution of this free agency will not dictate the Sox rebuild as a success or failure. We are still a year away from seeing a majority of the young core stored within the farm system, with multiple free agent superstars contracts about to expire in 2019-2020.

Finally, I believe that Machado will sign an eight-year, $310 million contract with the  Yankees, with a player option out around the fourth, or fifth year. As for Harper, I see him signing a 10-year, $350 dollar contract with the Phillies, with an opt-out also around the fifth year of his deal.

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I think both of these teams ability to pay whatever number comes to the table, while also being able to compete this coming season will be the endgame in both of these superstars decisions.