Will the White Sox ever sign a premium free agent?

CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 26: Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn presents Jose Abreu
CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 26: Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn presents Jose Abreu /

With the “team philosophy” costing the White Sox the opportunity to sign Manny Machado, what does that mean going forward?

Question. You’re a top free agent. Are you seriously considering the Chicago White Sox as a landing spot? They have shown they’re not willing to outbid the lowly San Diego Padres for Manny Machado so what makes you think they’ll shell out big bucks for you?

Answer. They won’t.

This was a one-time crucial moment in White Sox history. And they failed. And the more news that comes out, it appears they failed miserably. They showed that they truly aren’t willing to do “whatever it takes” to build a winner. Rick Hahn has been saying for the last two years that they have been changing the perception of how the White Sox are viewed. That the “money would be there” when the time came. On Tuesday, they lost all of that changing perception.

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Jerry Reinsdorf was once quoted as saying this: “When you’re running a sports business, what you really want to do is win and break even.” That comment rings quite hollow today, doesn’t it?

No White Sox fan wants to hear about the good work the team did in presenting an offer. How Reinsdorf really stepped up when it mattered. Or how they weren’t expected to be a player but they at least had a “seat at the table”. You know what gives you a seat at the table? Money. Money. Money. Guaranteed money.

Bryce Harper? Nolan Arenado? Mike Trout? The White Sox front office had better not even hint to Sox fans that they’re going hard after any of these players. They’re not true players. You have to guarantee money to get star players. You don’t tell a Hall of Fame player we’ll pay you more, BUT, only if you meet certain criteria. That’s not telling the player you really want him.

Reinsdorf wanted a deal. He wanted Machado only on his terms. And it failed. Colossally. The Sox got outplayed by a smarter general manager and owner. It’s a bad look for an organization that is trying hard to change its perception. It looks like the same old White Sox.

The fact that the White Sox knew the Padres offer was at $300 million and they weren’t willing to go that high and then tell us they are “shocked” by the news  just doesn’t add up.

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Top free agents go where the money is. Teams like the Sox will have to pay extra because of their reputation and past losing ways. They aren’t willing to do that so they will NEVER be players for any of the top free agents in the near future. That is the reality.