Here’s how the White Sox recover from the Machado debacle….kind of

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With the colossal failure of the way the Manny Machado signing played out, the White Sox need some positive moves to regain the fan base’s trust and enthusiasm. Here’s how they can do it.

The White Sox front office should be in serious crisis management right now and be looking at how to regain the positive momentum they lost when Manny Machado signed with the San Diego Padres. Moves need to be made and they need to be made quickly.

I’m going to take out any mention of signing Bryce Harper, even though that would be the ultimate way to get the fans back. But, going by the latest rumors and the fact they wouldn’t go to $300 million for Machado, it doesn’t tooem to likely that Reinsdorf is gonna open his wallet. So let’s look at other options:

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Trade for Joc Pederson.

The White Sox were reportedly in talks with the Dodgers in trading for Pederson. Names out there in return to the Dodgers were Carson Fulmer, Aaron Bummer and Bryce Bush. If that’s the asking price then you make that deal right now. Although I still hold out hope that Fulmer can turn it around, I think it’s worth trading him for Pederson.

Bummer will not be a big loss as the Sox have a ton of possible bullpen pieces available. Bush had a great rookie league debut and many fans are worried he’s gonna be the next Fernando Tatis Jr. debacle. You simply can’t let past trades scar you so much that you don’t ever pull the trigger and trade a prospect. DO THIS TRADE.

Sign Craig Kimbrel

Yes, you read that right. Go out there and surprise everyone and sign possibly the best closer in baseball. Yes, I know the Sox just acquired Alex Colome and Kelvin Herrera. And they have Nate Jones. You add superstar closer Kimbrel to that and suddenly the Sox are in the discussion of having the best bullpen in baseball. It helps their starters, which are a definite weak spot, by making it a five-inning game before their big arms come in.

Think about it. Starter goes five innings. Jones in the sixth inning. Hererra in the seventh. Colome the eighth. And Kimbrel comes in the ninth to shut it down. You probably add six to eight wins by adding Kimbrel. He’s asking for a six year/$100 million deal. That’s not happening. I think you can offer him a four year/$75 million deal with an option for a fifth year.

If needed just give him that fifth year. If the Sox hear an unbelievable offer at the trade deadline for him, then you make that deal. If they are surprising everyone and actually contending, then they’ve made a great deal by signing Kimbrel.

Sign Dallas Keuchel……maybe

If Keuchel lowers his ask on how many years he wants then you go get him. He reportedly wants a five to six year deal but at 31 years old, he isn’t likely to get that. I’d offer him four years/$80 million and see if he takes it. If the Sox can get him they just added to their second weakest area this year and have a veteran with playoff winning experience to help mentor the young guys. You’re 2019 rotation now looks like this:

Carlos Rodon

Reynaldo Lopez


Ivan Nova

Lucas Giolito/Ervin Santana/Manny Banuelos

If Rodon and Lopez progress as hoped and expected, that’s a decent rotation that should keep you in games until the monster bullpen comes in to save it.

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That’s it. Three moves that cost the Sox only $39 million to $40 million a year and a few prospects that aren’t in their future. Hahn said the money that was earmarked for Machado will be spent. For $40 million a year, and only four-year commitments, you just improved your team, erased the bad publicity from the Machado fiasco, and showed fans that this ownership is committed to winning, no matter the cost. Let’s go Hahn. DO THIS NOW!!!!!