Chicago White Sox: Three biggest weaknesses

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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The Chicago White Sox are one of the most improved teams in all of baseball going into the 2020 season, but every team has weaknesses. 

It really could be a very special season in the South Side, but there are weaknesses on this team that must be addressed throughout the season.

Almost no team in baseball enters a season with no flaws and there is no shame about that.

The fact is, even teams that enter the season thinking they don’t have flaws end up having them at some point.

Injuries and underperformance are something that can’t always be taken into account properly when making a roster, especially for some teams that operate on limited budgets.

While in a perfect world the White Sox would have solidified everything this offseason, that would have been a tall task at hand for GM Rick Hahn and the White Sox’s front office.

To go from a 72-89 team in 2019 to a flawless roster in 2020 would have been impossible to expect from even the most optimistic of fans.

What the White Sox managed to accomplish this offseason was phenomenal.

That being said, they have some weaknesses and flaws that the team should look to address throughout the season or at least mitigate the risks of them hurting the team in 2020.