Chicago White Sox: Two completely foolish trades in team history

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Chicago White Sox Eloy Jimenez
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The Chicago White Sox have made some good trades in recent memory but they haven’t all gone exactly the way they thought they would.

The Chicago White Sox are in the ending stages of a great rebuild. They are not playing baseball right now on April Fool’s Day as the world is trying to recover from a global pandemic, but baseball will be back soon. In the meantime, we can look back on what makes the White Sox franchise what it is today. In recent memory, although things haven’t been great on the field, everyone knows that bright days are ahead.

There have been some really good trades in that stretch made by the White Sox. That doesn’t mean that they haven’t hit on every trade they have ever made. There are plenty of times where things didn’t quite go their way. There have been a few players that the White Sox traded away that make them look foolish because they went on to become superstars with their new teams.

There are two particularly bad trades that the White Sox have made since the 1990 MLB Season that was astonishingly bad. One of them was right before the White Sox declared that they were rebuilding and one was in the early 1990s. They both would have made future events go much smoother had the trades never been made.

Although it may seem like it now, not every trade can be a good one. Nobody in the history of sports is perfect at drafting or making trades but everyone can do what they can to try and keep the mistakes to a minimum. These are the two trades that the White Sox have made since 1990 that are so foolish: