Chicago White Sox: ‘Field of Dreams’ game still on

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The Chicago White Sox and the rest of the baseball world got a little bit of positive news on Friday.

The Chicago White Sox and baseball fans got some much-needed positive news on Friday with Barry M. Bloom of Forbes reporting that the “Field of Dreams” game on August 13 is still set to be played.

According to Bloom, construction for a small stadium is still taking place in Iowa for the matchup set to take place between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees.

If this game could somehow still get played, that would obviously be awesome for fans even just because of the nostalgia of that movie.

On top of it, being able to see a game in a state that isn’t Florida or Arizona, which is being considered as a potential avenue to accelerate the start of the 2020 MLB season amidst COVID-19, would be great for baseball.

The fact that the league is even considering allowing this game to be played is honestly a good sign, though, as it clearly signals some optimism about not only this season starting, but possibly even not remaining in one or two locations all year.

If they can somehow manage to get players cleared to travel, the likelihood of the season starting increases dramatically.

That may even give hope that there will be games in the South Side this season, even if the odds of that happening in a city as populated as Chicago are slim.

While we, so far, are under the impression that the 2020 MLB season will be played, there have been zero guarantees of that yet.

Mike Trout‘s negative comments regarding the idea of players being quarantined in their hotels outside of games, as written by Alex Reimer of Forbes, are definitely noteworthy.

If there is clearance to travel at some point this season, though, I’d say the odds of there being a season become very close to 100%.

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I actually believe that is the biggest takeaway for the Chicago White Sox and MLB from the report of the “Field of Dreams” game still being expected to take place.