Chicago White Sox: Three players who will break out

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Last on this list, and arguably the most important of the three players to break out, is Luis Robert.

This isn’t necessarily surprising over the long haul that he’s on this list, as he’s arguably going to be the face fo the franchise if he lives up to his potential, but it could be a little surprising right now.

Given the fact that he will be entering his rookie season, many would hope for him to just get his feet wet in 2020.

That is a reasonable expectation, but for the Chicago White Sox to have a legitimate shot at contention, they really need him to be more than that.

As I highlighted in a piece about crucial role players, the Chicago White Sox depth chart is somewhat contingent on everything going perfectly to plan early on.

If Robert were to struggle or even need a demotion, the dominos start falling in a bad direction.

That is only talking about the reflection of that type of an issue on the depth chart, also.

In practice, their lineup looks a lot weaker if he’s just a middle-of-the-road player in his first season at the big league level.

Does he have to become a star right away? Absolutely not, and putting that sort of pressure on him would be unfair.

However, I personally believe that it is very reasonable to think he could flash all five of his tools throughout the year and at least exemplify why he’s the third-best prospect in all of baseball according to MLB Pipeline.

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The Chicago White Sox will need to hope all three of these players break out in 2020 as they are all vital components of this team’s future success.