Chicago White Sox: Three crucial role players for 2020

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The Chicago White Sox have a very sound starting lineup for the 2020 season, but there are three bench players that might make a bigger impact than originally anticipated in 2020.

The Chicago White Sox went into this season excited about their 2020 prospects, as did most of the other teams around MLB.

As reported by Jeff Passan of ESPN recently, the league is discussing a plan to return to action by as early as next month that would include doubleheaders to hopefully get the league to 120 games or so before the end of the season.

Those doubleheaders are going to make a major difference in how teams choose to operate throughout the season and, potentially, could even change the sizes of rosters.

Recently, I highlighted how such a plan could put limitations on certain players for the Chicago White Sox this season.

With newfound limitations for those players, though, could come newfound opportunities for others to shine.

While it could make things a lot trickier for the South Side this season, it could also prove to be the test needed for this organization to prove to themselves that they are truthfully ready for contention.

If they don’t show that they have enough depth to compete in 2020, then going back to the drawing board this offseason might be needed to get the correct mix of players.

Here are three players the Chicago White Sox will have to rely on this season.